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It’s Time For a
Reality Check

And much, much, more!According to the World Health Organization, chronic illness and disease are the leading causes of death worldwide – and they’re on the rise.

Why are we getting sicker? For many of us, it’s due to exposure to mycotoxins – small toxins produced by fungi that are present in our food and homes.

We want to help you protect yourself and your loved ones.

At the Mycotoxin and Chronic Illness Summit, you’ll learn the latest medical and scientific data connecting mycotoxins to illness and how to heal yourself and your loved ones. We’ll tackle topics like weight gain, SIBO, Lyme disease, autoimmunity, leaky gut, chronic stress, brain health, cancer, PCOS, MCAS, and even libido.

If you have a chronic illness or unexplained symptoms (or if you want to support a loved one), you won’t want to miss this free event.

What You’ll Learn at
the Mycotoxin and Chronic Illness Summit

Solve the puzzle: If you have ongoing symptoms a doctor can’t diagnose, our experts can help you find the answers.

Build a better memory: Memory loss, foggy brain, and regular forgetfulness may not be your fault - learn how to override the effects of mycotoxins on the brain.

Lose stubborn weight: Discover how mycotoxins in your food might be making it impossible to lose weight (and what you can do about it.)

Feel better: PCOS, digestive issues, insomnia, and stress may be signs of mycotoxins. Learn how to detox to feel better than you have in years.

Stress less: There are enough things in life to cause anxiety - mycotoxins don’t have to be one of them.

Reduce and manage pain: Finally, find relief from the pain of chronic illness and disease (without prescriptions or expensive doctor visits).

Recover your libido: If your sex life is in shambles, a mycotoxin detox can help recover your libido and reignite your relationship.

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Meet our Trusted Speakers

All Summit speakers are personally interviewed by Dr. Nafysa Parpia, ND and Dr. Eric D. Gordon, MD.

Meet your Host, Dr. Nafysa Parpia, ND

Nafysa Parpia, ND, has an independent practice at Gordon Medical Associates, specializing in Lyme disease treatment and other complex chronic illnesses like autoimmunity, mold toxicity, fibromyalgia, environmental toxicity, and gastrointestinal disorders. Her patients with chronic Lyme Disease are typically those who either do not do well with antibiotics or prefer the biological medicine approach to treatment, including a combination of antibiotics and detoxification methods.

Over years of treating these illnesses, she discovered the same techniques used with essentially well people fostered increased vitality and slowed down the aging process, leading her to include specialization in health optimization and regenerative medicine in her practice.

She embraces various modalities, including peptide therapies, oral and intravenous micronutrient therapy, botanical medicine, functional nutrition, injection therapies, lifestyle counseling, and craniosacral therapy. She knows that to unravel the mystery of chronic illness, she must fully understand her patients’ biochemical imbalances, epigenetic expression (how your genes respond to the environment), toxin exposure, and emotional imbalance.

Dr. Parpia is a sought-after speaker at conferences and has spoken on Tick-Borne Illness and Environmental Medicine at ILADS, the Environmental Health Symposium, and the American Academy of Ozone Therapy. She is a board member of Neurohacker Collective and has been interviewed on their podcast, Collective Insights.

Meet your Host, Dr. Eric D. Gordon, MD

Eric D. Gordon, MD, President of Gordon Medical Research Center (GMRC), is the founder and owner of Gordon Medical Associates (GMA), a private medical practice in the San Francisco Bay area specializing in complex chronic illness.

In addition to clinical practice (40+ years), Dr. Gordon is engaged in clinical research. Between 2007-2009, he created a series of medical symposia, bringing together leading international medical researchers and cutting-edge clinicians focusing on ME/CFS, Lyme disease, autoimmune diseases, and autism. The collaboration of innovative medical practice with a university research center has been his lifelong dream. Combining forces with Dr. Robert Naviaux and his research into metabolomics, mitochondrial function, and chronic inflammatory disease is now bringing this dream to life.

In 2016 Dr. Gordon was co-author with Dr. Naviaux on a groundbreaking study, “Metabolic Features of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS). Dr. Gordon is a medical advisor to Tec Bioscience, and GMA is a collection site for the Lyme Disease Biobank, providing patient samples to researchers worldwide.

Meet your Co-Host, Christine Schaffner, ND

Dr. Christine Schaffner is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor who has helped thousands of people recover from chronic or complex illnesses. Through online summits, her Spectrum of Health podcast, network of Immanence Health clinics, and renown online programs, Dr. Schaffner goes beyond biological medicine, pulling from all systems of medicine and healing modalities–helping patients reclaim their wellness and reveal their brightest light.

After graduating from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, Dr. Schaffner completed her undergraduate studies in Pre-medicine and Psychology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

With her diverse skill set, Dr. Schaffner seeks to improve access, outcomes, and speed of recovery for patients struggling with chronic, complex, and mystery illnesses. Patients travel from all around the world to reclaim their wellness using her EECO methodology.

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Why You’ll Love the
Mycotoxin and Chronic Illness Summit

Watch at Your Convenience: Every video is available for 24 hours so you can watch at a time that works for you.

Exclusive Bonuses: When you join us at the summit, you’ll receive valuable bonuses you can put into action immediately.

Expense-free Education: You’d pay thousands of dollars to learn about these topics in a classroom. They’re yours for free.

Information you won’t find elsewhere: Our experts bring together the best of medicine and science to help you find answers to questions you’ve had for years.

Consider These Facts...

Mycotoxins like Aflatoxins, Ochratoxin A, Patulin, and Fusarium fungi are in the food you eat and the air you breathe.

The adverse effects of mycotoxins range from stress and weight gain to serious chronic diseases and death.

Mycotoxins may be responsible for your symptoms, pain, or diagnosed illness.

The Mycotoxin and Chronic Illness Summit will help you take back control of your health and your future.

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