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Paul Anderson, ND

Obstacles to Cure in COVID Long Haul

  • How underlying chronic infections and silent coinfections complicate COVID cases.
  • Mold as an issue with COVID.
  • Chemical toxins complicating COVID.

Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

Biofilms, Pesticides, and Mycotoxins: A Targeted Approach to Healing

  • How glyphosate and pesticide exposure fuels mycotoxin illness.
  • The “survival protein” Galectin-3 and its key role in biofilms and mycotoxins.
  • How to defend against glyphosate/pesticide toxicity and downstream effects.

Jill Carnahan, M.D.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Mycotoxin and Mold Related Illness

  • Functional medicine.
  • Use functional medicine to find root cause of illness.
  • Nutrition suppliments, lifestyle changes or medication to treat illness.

Mobeen Sayed, M.D.

COVID Long Haul Pathology & Management

  • How COVID long haul is different from COVID.
  • Pathogenesis is still evolving, however, chronic inflammation and immune system dysregulation seems to be the basis.
  • Understanding the management approach to help rapidly growing number of patients.

Gordon Crozier, DO

The Use of Peptides in Chronic Illness

  • Incorporating peptides into mold and lyme treatments.
  • Personalizing peptide treatment.
  • How and when to use peptides in treatment protocols.

Michael McEvoy

Helminthic Therapy, Autoimmunity, and Evolutionary Mismatch

  • How evolutionary biology has been relegated from modern medicine and chronic disease.
  • What types of patients may benefit from helminthic therapy.
  • How helinithic therapy works.

Alireza Panahpour, DDS

Oral Systemic Health

  • Dental issues are chronic issues within your immune system.
  • The importance of your dentist to work closely with doctor.
  • The dental and sinus/brain connection.


Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

Optimizing Your Detox Process: Essential Steps to Heal from Mycotoxins

  • A deeper look at detoxification for mycotoxins.
  • The critical pre-tox strategy for successful mycotoxin removal.
  • Researched ingredients that address multiple aspects of mycotoxin illness including biofilms, MCA, and tissue damage.

Jill Crista, ND

Mold's Role in PANDAS & PANS

  • How a respirable toxin affect the brain and behavior.
  • How mold affects the “gut” part of the “gut-brain connection”.
  • Gradual symptom development PANS and PANDAS versus accute onset.

Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD

TH1 and TH2 Shifit + Ozone Therapy in Chronic Illness

  • What is TH1 and TH2 shifting and what causes it?
  • How TH1 and TH2 shift leads to chronic illness.
  • Ozone therapy in healing.

Robby Besner, PSc.D

Harnessing the Healing Power of the Sun's Infrared Energy

  • Far infrared, near infrared or red light therapy…what's the best?
  • The most advance approaches to eliminating exogenous frequencies.
  • Using sauna as a powerful tool for detoxing.

Lauren Tessier, ND

Mold, Mycotoxins & Women's Health/International Society of Environmentally Acquired Illness - Conference Update

  • Mycotoxins as female endocrine disruptors.
  • Symptoms of endocrine distruption.
  • It's not just mycotoxins (histamine, infection, etc.).

Micah Lowe

Ozone Therapy - Stimulating Homeostasis &Dumping Junk

  • What is Ozone therapy?
  • Benefits of Ozone therapy.
  • Routes of Ozone application.

Lyn Patrick, ND

Environmental Exposures & Health Conditions

  • The top toxicants exposures for the average American today.
  • How someone might know they have been exposed.
  • Health conditions associated with exposure.


Steven Harris, MD

Symptoms & Treatment of Tick-borne Disease

  • Why all aspects of medicine are involved in tick-borne disease.
  • Key symptoms that guide the decision on what to treat first.
  • Limitations of current tests and labs

Felix Scholz, PhD

T-cell in Complex Chronic Illness

  • The subtleties and complexities of t-cells.
  • T-cell function in infections.
  • Assessing T-cell function in patients and the limitations of testing

Peter Kan, D.C.

How Mycotoxins Affect Your Brain/Immune/Gut Axis

  • How mycotoxins affects brain health and more specifically how it distrupts the blood brain barrier.
  • The lesser known neurodegenrative diseases associated with mycotoxins.
  • What you need to know about mycotoxins and immunity.

Mark Pimentel, MD

IBS And The Microbiome

  • Understanding the role of bacterial overgrowth in IBS.
  • The difference methanogens play in symptoms of IBS.
  • The role of the gases on breath test and symptoms.

Joe Smith, DC

Identifying and Treating Neuroinflammation

  • How you know when you have neuroinflammation.
  • What is sick person syndrome.
  • How does it happen and can it be cured.
    Protocol for helping people with neuroinflammation.

Beth O’Hara, FN

Mold, Mycotoxins, And Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

  • Personal lifelong journey with mold and mycotoxins.
  • How mycotoxins trigger Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS).
  • How a disregulated nervous system and immune system are intertwined.

Kashif Khan

How Genes Affect Mold Detoxification

  • How your genes affect how mold affects each individual.
  • Three genes that impact glutathione detox.
  • Which genes affect mycotoxin breakdown.


Kevin Conners, D.PSc., FICT, FAARFM

The Role of Toxins, Gut Health & Liver Detox in Cancer

  • How the disruption of cell nucleus causes cancer
  • What does liver detox have to do with cancer treatment?
  • The benefit of Rife technology and how it works.

Heather Sandison, ND

Chronic Infection & Mycotoxins Impact on Cognitive Function

  • Learn how chronic infections and mycotoxins impact congnitive function.
  • Comprehensive approach to cognitive decline.
  • Can dementia be reversed? The latest research and findings.

Michael Schrantz

Where to Start? Mold Testing & Remediation

  • Understanding the ERMI scoring.
  • Why and when you need a professional assessment of your home.
  • Most harmful indoor molds.

Matt Pratt-Hyatt, PhD

Inspecting Mold inside and outside the body

  • Which molds are the most toxic and which are the most prevelant.
  • How to test for mold in your home and in your body.
  • How to rid your home of toxins.


Mold's Contribution To Chronic Inflammatory Dieases

  • It's never “just” mold, there are always additional environmental triggers.
  • Favorite nutritional solutions to reduce inflammation.
  • The extra steps you may need to rebuild your immune system.

Cynthia Keller, MD & Emily Passic, ND

It's Never Just One Thing: Teasing Apart Healing After Mold Exposure

  • What parents need to know about helping their child with complex health issues.
  • What providers need to know about treating children with complex health concerns.
  • Start teasing out how to get someone with complex health history better after a mold toxin exposure.

Wendie Trubow, M.D.

Chronic Illness & Environmental Toxicants

  • Prevailing health issues you may be struggling with that could be caused by toxins.
  • What you need to do to prepare to detox.
  • The link between persistent infections and environmental. toxicants

Amanda Wilms, ND

Mycotoxins And Its Contribution To PANS

  • How symptoms are different for children with mold exposure.
  • Working with children to support liver to detox mycotoxins.
  • How mycotoxins confuse the brain and creates an autoimmune attack specific to PANS.


Mark Su, MD, FAAFP

Exposome In Chronic Complex Illnesses

  • Making decisions for patient diagnoses and treatment.
  • Exposome ramifications on patients with chronic illness.
  • Dealing with the puzzle pieces and how to deal with keeping track of it all.

Mary Ackerley, MD, MD(H), ABIHM​

NeuroQuant Brain MRI in Mold Toxicity

  • Most common mold brain complaints?
  • Why it is important to get a brain MRI?
  • How the limbic system is affected by mold?

Kelly McCann, MD

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Related Conditions

  • Symptoms of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and the sensitive patient.
  • Phosphatidyl choline and how it can be used in these complicated, sensitive patients.
  • Pentad and pentad plus patients. EDS, POTS, MCAS, autoimmune, and gastroparesis.

Yoshi Rahm, DO

Combining EBOO + Methylene Blue + Light Therapy

  • Why use the O3D/EBOO/EBO2/Ozone dialysis version of ozone therapy.
  • What is UBI and polychromatic light therapy.
  • Why combine Ozone with Methylene blue and Red light therapy.

Daniel Pompa, DC

Roadmap To Cellular Detox

  • The 5 steps to heal and detox your cells.
  • The challenges with traditional detox protocols.
  • The modern-day perfect storm of toxins (physical, chemical, and emotional).

Andrew Salisbury

The Truth About Mycotoxins In Coffee

  • What parents need to know about helping their child with complex health issues.
  • What providers need to know about treating children with complex health concerns.
  • Start teasing out how to get someone with complex health history better after a mold toxin exposure.

Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP-FNP-C, AAP, IFM-C

The Connection Between Childhood Trauma & Chronic Illness

  • Why it is important to understand that everyone has trauma.
  • The first steps you can take to heal childhood trauma.
  • How trauma can show up as symptoms and diseases.

Kent Holtorf, M.D.

Peptides, Mycotoxins, Mast Cell, And Chronic Illness

  • Background/journey.
  • Thought process of how Peptides affect the body.
  • Melanocytes & KPV.


William Pawluk, MD, MSc

Understanding Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and Chronic Illness

  • PEMF Journey
  • Acupuncture
  • Post Electronic Magnetic Field on Health

Christopher Shade PhD

Overlap of Cardiometabolic Health & Detoxification

  • What is AMPK and why it supports a deeper level of detox.
  • What is AMPD and how it negatively effect detox and cardiometabolic health?
  • Hidden drivers of AMPD.

Kelly Kennedy

Lymphatics Your Body's Built-in Defense Mechanisms

  • Why drainage is critical before detox.
  • What could be clogging your lymph.
  • Remedies to start moving your lymph.

Brian Plante, ND

The Importance of Healthy Bowels in Mycotoxin Illness

  • How regular bowel movements are critical to removing toxins.
  • Negative consequences of untreated constipation in mold illness.
  • Ways to treat constipation, even when it is stubborn.

John Lieurance, DC

The Power of Melatonin & Methylene Blue

  • High dose melatonin for detox & sleep.
  • Understanding Methylene blue and its benefits.
  • Understanding NAD and its benefits.

Nicolas Pineault

EMFs & Mold: A Toxic Synergy

  • Synergies between mold exposure and EMF exposure.
  • Why mold toxic patients may also become EMF sensitive.
  • Common symptoms of excessive EMF. exposure

Kiran Krishnan

Gut Connection In Chronic Illness

  • How mycotoxins influence the microbiome.
  • How we are harming the microbiome and loss of diversity.
  • Gram negative vs gram positive bacteria.


Todd Watts, D.C., PSC.D

Mycotoxins & Mitochondria

  • How mycotoxins affect the mitochondria.
  • Keys to know if you are detoxing properly.
  • How can we create new mitochondria,

Jessica Peatross, MD

Mold and the Brain

  • What longterm preventable conditions in biotoxin illness connected to?
  • What are drainage pathways and what are their role in healing?
  • Why labs are inaccurate?

Andreanna Rainville, RN, LMP

Tools to Take You Beyond Mold

  • Learn easy to access, utilize, and effective tools to help identify mold.
  • How people can navigate their exposures and reactivities.
  • Mold sensitivity and gentle support measures.

Tom Moorcroft, DO

Awakening Your Own Healing System

  • What to do if your physician is not listening to you.
  • How to mobilize your system (awakening your own healing system).
  • Reprograming your nervous system.

Dave Asprey

My Moldy Journey

  • Dave's journey.
  • Sleep Anxiety.
  • Limbic system sesitivity.

Shivan Sarna

What Every Patient of a Chronic Condition Needs to Know

  • A managed chronic condition versus unmanaged chronic condition.
  • Surprising unintended consequences of chronic conditions and what to do about them.
  • How to search for your underlying cause.

Joel Salatin

Healing the Land One Bite at a Time

  • What is regenerative farming?
  • What makes polyface farms different than conventional farms.
  • The ways you can connect to the land and soil no matter where you live.

Erika Schlick Sinclair

Living And Thriving In Remission

  • How emotional and mental health affect remission.
  • Steps to stay in remission.
  • What is considered a “normal” life after healing from a chronic disease?
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