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Dr. Tara Boyd, N.D.

Mycotoxins and the Developing Brain

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Dr. Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP-FNP-C, AAP, IFM-C

Moldy Childhood Trauma Can Lead to a Moldy Brain and Immune System

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Nicolas Pineault

EMFs & Mold: A Dangerous Toxic Synergy

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Dr. Paul Anderson, NMD

Ebook Optin Your Nutritionist-Designed 6-week Paleo/AIP Meal Plan - Mycotoxin and Chronic Illness Summit

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Dr Lauren Tessier, N.D.

Mycotoxin Illness and Autoimmunity

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Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen, M.D.

The Role of Gene Analysis in Treating Chronic Illness

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Dr. Jocelyn Strand, N.D.

The Use of Biocidin for Chronic Illness

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